Posted 10/28/2014, Written By: Trace Team
Hydrophobicity (Surface Tension) Illustrated

Trace Laboratories has expanded its instrumentation into the realm of surface tension, also known as energy and contact angle analysis, with the procurement of a ramé-hart Model 290 Automated Goniometer and Tensiometer.

This issue is gaining ground lately in the...

Posted 9/30/2014, Written By: Trace Team
IPC Logo

You are invited to Trace Labs' booth #329 at the SMTAI Electronics Assembly Expo and IPC Conference in Illinois from September 30 through October 1. Schedule a meeting with us, the Trace technical staff, at SMTAI!


Posted 8/22/2014, Written By: Trace Team
Portrait Photo of Renee Michalkiewicz, New President of Trace Laboratories

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Renee Michalkiewicz to the position of President, Trace Laboratories. Please join us in congratulating Renee on her new role.

Posted 5/21/2014, Written By: Trace Team
Spring 2014 Newsletter Video Clip

Watch our video "Take a Trip Through a Circuit Board" and much more in our Spring 2014 newsletter.

Posted 5/20/2014, Written By: Trace Team
Validation Services Certification for Trace Laboratories

NQA has over 26,000 clients in over 75 countries. Mr. Ken George from NQA USA officially included in his audit:  "... [Trace Labs'] ESD system in place can best be described as a..."

Find out what NQA said.


Featured Documents

Dye-n-Pry Example Showing Partially and Fully Separated Solder Joints at the IMC Layer

Dye-n-Pry Analysis is a simple but effective tool in determining the failure mode of surface mount components.  While it can be used on various component types and packages, it is particularly effective in examining ball grid array (BGA) components where a majority of the solder joints cannot be visually examined. While it is destructive in nature, Dye-n-Pry provides several advantages for the analyst...

View this IPC PowerPoint presentation to learn about: 1) testing soldering fluxes, 2) a new potential corrosion test for the 004 spec, 3) the importance of assembly process validation, and 4) a review of corrosion-induced failures and ways to reduce this risk. Renee Michalkiewicz, General Manager at Trace Laboratories, Inc., presented this information at IPC in Costa Mesa, CA on November 14, 2013. Watch this Dendrite Video after viewing the presentation!