Posted 11/21/2014, Written By: Trace Team
Nuclear Submarine

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Posted 11/10/2014, Written By: Trace Team

Whiskers can bridge conductive materials causing costly and potentially dangerous electrical short circuits. How does Tin Whisker testing work at Trace labs?

Posted 11/10/2014, Written By: Trace Team
X-Ray Testing and Inspection System

CAN bus—what’s that? It all has to do with communication as the pyramid graphic conveniently shows. Regarding monitoring CAN bus communication at Trace Laboratories, 4 benefits to you are...

Posted 11/7/2014, Written By: Trace Team
X-Ray Testing and Inspection System

Trace Laboratories has expanded its suite of x-ray testing with the addition of the TruView™ Elite X-Ray Inspection System. This provides new technology for image capturing and improved resolution. As an expert in a variety of tests, Trace Laboratories performs x-ray testing for many industries such as...

Posted 10/28/2014, Written By: Trace Team
Hydrophobicity (Surface Tension) Illustrated

Trace Laboratories has expanded its instrumentation into the realm of surface tension, also known as surface energy and contact angle analysis, with the procurement of a ramé-hart Model 290 Automated Goniometer and Tensiometer.

This issue is gaining ground lately in the...

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Dye-n-Pry Example Showing Partially and Fully Separated Solder Joints at the IMC Layer

Dye-n-Pry Analysis is a simple but effective tool in determining the failure mode of surface mount components.  While it can be used on various component types and packages, it is particularly effective in examining ball grid array (BGA) components where a majority of the solder joints cannot be visually examined. While it is destructive in nature, Dye-n-Pry provides several advantages for the analyst...

View this IPC PowerPoint presentation to learn about: 1) testing soldering fluxes, 2) a new potential corrosion test for the 004 spec, 3) the importance of assembly process validation, and 4) a review of corrosion-induced failures and ways to reduce this risk. Renee Michalkiewicz, General Manager at Trace Laboratories, Inc., presented this information at IPC in Costa Mesa, CA on November 14, 2013. Watch this Dendrite Video after viewing the presentation!